Friday, June 6, 2008

Art Show in Bend

Drove to Bend via the Upper Sac., Brown Trout Gallery, Chris, Shadeen, Lou, lots of snow, the Deshutes and finally Starbucks on Wall Street. Came back via the McCloud Dave and Tom the Lower Sac. in search of Shad and yet higher gas prices.
Some of my favorite ruminations along the way were: Bush"s failure was the failure of people like me. People that grew up in a privileged setting that did not need to tend to the details. People who could have the good idea and have some one else execute it. People that didn't need to clean their rooms. Another thought was to write a book about my mother. Then my encounters with patriotic symbols such as Bald Eagles and flags and the lack of resonance these symbols have in my psyche. And finally my thoughts concerning "The War on Terror" and how this seems such a cheap labeling trick. I mean when you have a country (USA) declare "war" on another country (Iraq) one tenth the size of itself; that's like me declaring "War" on the gofers in my garden.