Monday, March 15, 2010

R.R. Chrons.

Jan 11
Rode the few miles to Snag, mostly for the view. Hey, I live in a beautiful part of the world and its Spring!
This season could be a bust. Water levels are still high and visibility is back down to 2.5'. Good for the fish bad for the fly fisherman. I bet things are better on the coast where rivers clear/drop faster. I did get one nice picture from Tom a few months back. The fact I have not heard another peep leads me to believe, things must be pretty hot. One thing gives me hope for the Russian is, there were so few fish early on, maybe the run is late.
I'll try again in a week.
March 19
Wet year. Sometimes all a river wants to talk about is water.
March 28
Finally, the water has cleared up. There is actually about 5' visibility. Its still high but I had a chance. One grab at Snag, it could have been a trout or, maybe not. More rain on the way.