Sunday, January 3, 2010

RR Chronicals 2010

Jan 2
They had opened the mouth Jan 1. Went to fish Monte Rio on milk crate above bridge. In previous trips I noticed fish swimming up in the shallow water near the bank; on crate I can cast to that shore. Had sprained wrist so had to fish lefty. Water conditions good - about 5' visibility. Talked to guide at as he removed his drift boat Johnson's. He fly fished all day with client who tipped him $100 - I guess that was in addition to his usual day rate. Said he saw fish caught on Cleos, floated over fish but caught nothing. No fish for me.
Fished Monte Rio again - this time north side. Drift boat came by, we exchange information. They had one hook-up down from Johnson's - that is the third time I heard of fish there. Head to to Neeley Rod and put in just above Summer Crossing. Wade up to below Johnson's - see fish roll and get one grab, maybe,...... if it wasn't a stick. But, Hey - SEE FISH!
Launched pram to fish where i had seen them rolling. No fish rolling today. Had fun with new electric motor set-up and explored further down river from Johnson's. Found likely hole. Noticed 3 o'clock hatch of BWOs bringing up some pretty nice trout - will bring 5wt next time.`
Decided to fish upper river. Took mountain bike to Dry Creek and rode about 2 or 3 miles down river to hole I had heard of. Meet Dan there who fishes it regularly (fifteen minutes a day). Water is 'gin clear', Dan thinks more rain is required to get the fish moving. No fish
River blown.If it stopped raining today it would be more than a week before it would be fly fishable.

There is an agreement to remove the San Clemente Dam on the Carmel River:"

Why not Nicasio ??