Thursday, December 31, 2009

Russian River Chronicles

Dec 14
Stopped in Sebastopol Art Center to see my piece. Stopped at Quick Silver Gallery to see a show. First day fishing the river. Mostly a study trip, located a few spots I would like to monitor. No fish. Passed new gallery in Sebastopol. Met owner.

Dec 21
Mouth closed at Jenner, scheduled to reopen the 23rd fish should be to Guernville by Christmas. Dropped off CD of my work to James Oliver.

Dec 26
Riffle at Monte Rio flooded. Mouth was opened and closed again within hours. Did not fish.

Dec 28
Checked out Healdsburg. Memorial Beach had about 10 fishermen. Saw salmon from RR bridge. Looked for property on Fitch Mtn. Fished around Dry Creek area. No Fish.

Dec 30th
I'm 60 - Yikes! Fished Monte Rio and up to Johnsons. Water clear, mouth open. No fish. Stopped at J.O. Gallery on the way home. Not open.

Pictures are upper, middle, lower river and "Mean Egg".

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coos Bay Art Museum

I have a piece at a good show.
Current Exhibitions " On the Cutting Edge".
Check it out:


Monday, December 14, 2009

Nuala Creed

Dear Friends,

Here is a link to an article about my artwork:

The article is in this month's (December) issue of Ceramics Monthly.
Ceramics Monthly is a national art magazine. I am very pleased and
feel honored by the article.

Happy Holidays.

All the best.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Charis Weston dies

Post gratefully accepted from contributor Jackie Beckett :

charis weston died...nov 24, 2009 @ 95yoa...edward weston's second wife and muse
she lived with edward at wildcat hill in carmel, ca for 11 yrs & then divorced
like my relationship, i can relate to their spring-fall relationship...
for she was 19 he well into his 40's when they first met...
she trek'd with him on his guggenheim fellowship as his driver across america
of note, the first such award granted to a photographer
she was his principle muse in nude work
when will they make a full length movie edward weston ?
now cole and erica [house in volcano, hawai'i also] still walk this planet...this dynasty is near its end
the golden age of photography is gasping its last breath...listen to them says this old analog dinosaur
until again...jackie

“After eight months we are closer together than ever,” Edward Weston wrote in what he called his daybook in late 1934. “Perhaps C. will be remembered as the great love of my life. Already I have reached certain heights reached with no other love.”