Thursday, February 25, 2010


Jan 16
First day back after rains. River was more brown than green (cafe au lait) about two foot visibility but dropping fast. Warm sunny day fished Memorial near fish ladder and 'Snag Hole' 2 miles down from Dry Creek. Seals were in both places so the fish were there but not for me.
Jan 18
Will and I rode down to 'Snag'. 'Fashion' fished and rode our way back up river. Water still high , 3 foot visibility. Heard of one fish caught. Fellow fisherman talk of few fish in the river - 800 at the hatcheries. River dropping fast.
Get in before the rain. 3 foot visibility. Flotilla of drift boats (see pic). Saw one downstreamer caught. River dropping.
Jan 23
Lack of heavy rain encouraging- river dropping and clearing. Season waning, fish counts low, this could be as good as it gets this year. River has 5 foot visibility mostly green in color. Few fishermen out. Caught a couple of smolts/halfpounders.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Russian River Chronicals 2

Jan 14
On our way back from Coos Bay we passed over some great Steelhead rivers:

River------------------condition (color)

1.The Rogue ------(high and cafe au lait)
2.The mighty Klamath ------( high au lait)
3.Redwood Creek------------(perfect and jade)
4.The EEL--------(perfect and perfect)
5.The Russian------(high au lait)