Monday, August 4, 2008


Earlier post from C.V.:
I just stumbled across the first definition I have ever seen of "bluebacks"
"Then someone made a comment that the fish was a blueback. In this neck-of-the-woods, a blueback refers to a steelhead that has a bluish back, as opposed to its typical mint-green back. A blueback's scales actually sparkle like blue sapphires when the sun strikes it a certain way – no exaggeration!
In steelhead nomenclature, bluebacks signify the end of the run, which normally occurs sometime in late February or March, the bluebacks usually running less than 10 pounds. But this fish, being as large as it was immediately brought back memories of the beginning of last year's run, which started out with a lot of large bluebacks as well."
Complete Story:
Our rivers are up around here, nothing crazy like up north; but enough to make for some excitement! Hope all is well - Chris

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