Thursday, December 31, 2009

Russian River Chronicles

Dec 14
Stopped in Sebastopol Art Center to see my piece. Stopped at Quick Silver Gallery to see a show. First day fishing the river. Mostly a study trip, located a few spots I would like to monitor. No fish. Passed new gallery in Sebastopol. Met owner.

Dec 21
Mouth closed at Jenner, scheduled to reopen the 23rd fish should be to Guernville by Christmas. Dropped off CD of my work to James Oliver.

Dec 26
Riffle at Monte Rio flooded. Mouth was opened and closed again within hours. Did not fish.

Dec 28
Checked out Healdsburg. Memorial Beach had about 10 fishermen. Saw salmon from RR bridge. Looked for property on Fitch Mtn. Fished around Dry Creek area. No Fish.

Dec 30th
I'm 60 - Yikes! Fished Monte Rio and up to Johnsons. Water clear, mouth open. No fish. Stopped at J.O. Gallery on the way home. Not open.

Pictures are upper, middle, lower river and "Mean Egg".