Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sea Run Cutts

I hit a tiny coastal river with one of my interns I have working for me in the boat. He grew up on the coast and told me of this little known fishery. Having never targeted sea run cutts, I brought the arsenal (5wt, 8wt, spin rods, bait)...after trying all fly methods I resorted to the local method: Trolling with spinners (salmon colored wedding ring was the ticket) with a small worm on the hook. Just 10 min after High Tide, the bite was on! These fish are hot. On a 5wt would be a real hoot.

I brought home my limit, (2fish) the meat is pink like salmon and folks say it is better than salmon and steelhead, planning on eating wed night. This type of fishing is ideal for little kids, so I am excited to have learned it. I thing trolling leaches on sink tips might work.

I caught some on a river that drained into the Puget Sound by letting the fly lay on the bottom a couple of beats then jigging it up.