Friday, September 26, 2008

Holy Found

We did it! It all went pretty smooth. The most difficult parts were finding the Pizza place the night before and, locating the grate on the river bank. It had been nearly 6 months since I had seen it and things changed - mostly in my mind but partly on the bank. Everyone played a vital role. Thanks to NJ for his incredible navigational skills in getting the truck to the Pizza place, Will and Lawson were expert co-pilots on the barge keeping it in the current and riding it through the rapids in the 48 degree water. The middle tube popped as soon as we loaded the grate on - Tate's enthusiastic and persistent energy were of importance as he took charge of pumping the leaky tube as he was riding the grate barge.
Friendship, family, the Milky Way and spawning salmon - holy found.
Thanks to all those that lent support in the forms of energy, moral support and creative interest. This would include:
Laurie, Jackie, W.M.'Bear' Vogel, Tate, Will, NJ and that guy on the bank that wanted to know what the hell we were doing.

1. The location
2. Breakfast at base camp3. Ready up

4. The Trek

5.False Grate found

6. True Grate Revealed

7. The Doctor's Disclaimer8. Launch!9. Yeahooooo

10. Loaded !!!!

To see map of the trail we followed view complete Blog @ "Travels with Vanny" go to :