Friday, September 19, 2008

In Search of the Holy Grate

Lawson, Tate, Will, N.J.:
Here are some maps and pictures of the upcoming riparian adventure. On the map shown here, the red dot indicates base camp,green dot is where the unclaimed masterpiece lays and blue line is our proposed route (see pic).
We will meet Friday night 9/12 at the Pizza place in Browns Valley on E21 of off Hwy 20 between Grass Valley and Marysville. That night we will camp along the river ( see red dot). You will need pretty good hiking shows that you don't mind getting wet.
The objective is to hike up the river Saturday and float down ( barge like) the big piece of metal shown in the picture to my vehicle. My vehicle will be parked somewhere near the red dot. I have some inner tubes and rope I think will work. I think I have thought of most everything but something unexpected is bound to happen. Ideas and 'comments from the peanut gallery' are always taken into consideration. Your help and enthusiasm are essential and greatly appreciated.

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